Rekrutacja na semestr zimowy i rok akademicki 2024/2025

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(UW) English Studies – Literature and Culture (Instytut Anglistyki, Wydział Neofilologii), studia I stopnia, stacjonarne

Code UW_S1-ES
Organizational unit Uniwersytet Warszawski
Field of studies English Studies – Literature and Culture
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education First cycle (Bachelor)
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 1
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  • Phase 1 (15.04.2024 00:00 – 15.05.2024 23:59)


The programme English Studies – Literature and Culture comprises many disciplines. During their first year of the first-cycle programme, students take classes in the literature, history and culture of Anglophone countries, in linguistics and in practical English. Beginning with their second year of study students choose between 1/ Literature and Culture and 2/ Linguistics.


The Literature and Culture programme is for students who are passionate about literature, film or any other of the aspects of the English-speaking culture, and their bachelor’s diploma explicitly states that they are specialists in literature.


Literature studies and culture studies are related to each other and also to other disciplines, such as history, psychology, sociology, as well as to recently emerging fields of study such as ecocriticism, animal studies or media studies. In addition to core, i.e. major, subjects students also have a chance to take courses in linguistics and social sciences as their minor.


Thanks to English being the only language of instruction, students not only broaden their knowledge of the literature, culture and history of the Anglosphere, and of selected issues within linguistics, but also considerably develop their language competence. During the classes, students get familiar with methodological tools necessary to research literature and culture, both in the traditional understanding as well as in more modern forms of visual and new media culture.


The central theme of the program is the customization of study. Though students are obligated to attend compulsory courses, the majority of their study experience consists of elective courses tailored to individual interests and needs. The level of study personalization offered at our Institute cannot be matched by research facilities that have not adopted a course system. Students also acquire soft skills which facilitate their successful performance in the job market.       



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