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Rekrutacja na semestr zimowy i rok akademicki 2022/2023

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(UW) Filologia angielska (Instytut Anglistyki, Wydział Neofilologii), studia II stopnia, stacjonarne

Code UW_S2-FLA
Organizational unit Uniwersytet Warszawski
Field of studies Filologia angielska
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle (Master)
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction Polish
Admission limit 1
WWW address https://ia.uw.edu.pl
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There is currently no active phase.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (15.04.2022 00:00 – 15.05.2022 23:59)

Second cycle (graduate) study program is intended for candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies having attained a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent thereof. It continues over four semesters. The language of instruction is English.

The central theme of the program is the customization of study. Students choose their thesis seminars according to their interests and preferences. The choice of seminar determines course modules, including specialization courses.

Highly personalized course requirements encourage students to build their own study program under the guidance of a qualified thesis advisor. This study program gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of either linguistics or British and American literature and culture, and promotes cross-discipline research.

The Institute presents students with a variety of thesis seminars taught by distinguished professors. The concept of building one’s study and research experience around a thesis seminar in which teachers cooperate with students is as innovative and unique as our course system. We also offer courses that incorporate the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method of teaching.

Through the application of our unique teaching methods students develop critical thinking, reflection, and problem solving skills.

Our graduates possess a C2 Level knowledge of English (according to the EQF) and are trained extensively in linguistics as well as the culture, literature, art, and sociology of English-speaking countries. In addition, their knowledge of the humanities makes them well-suited for both academic and professional careers. With the completion of a teacher training course, they are qualified to teach English at all levels.

In order to give students freedom to choose their seminar and electives, compulsory courses have been limited to the absolute minimum needed to obtain expertise in the field of Modern Languages (i.e. four Monographic Lectures and CLIL).

Elective courses are classes created and taught by faculty members specializing in particular fields of research, ensuring excellence both in terms of content and teaching. The semester-long courses are offered by the Institute’s individual sections. Each student tailors his or her own academic experience by selecting courses according to individual interests, preferences, and corresponding to his or her choice of seminar. Students may choose from a variety of courses in theoretical or applied linguistics, American Studies, or British Studies.


Rekrutacja tylko na II rok !!